Show Me The Weird

On Monday, I wrote about the disconnect between leaders craving linchpins and the recruiting mechanisms trying to fulfill those wishes. Whether it's a formal hiring process or another search for talent, I've been pondering how leadership can be more involved—assisting with the hunt and showing others how to find what you want.

For every 100 applications, I want to see the 5 "best fits." I also want to see the 5 weirdest. The expectation is not to give me the 6-10th best fits; it's to give me 5 people that you don't think I'm going to hire, but who have an odd, interesting background. 

Once a week, I want to spend 15 minutes talking about the weird ones. What did I see? What did you see? What did we learn? How could the applicant's "weirdness" translate in that position and in our organization, if at all? 

Change the numbers and times. Tweak it to appropriately fit your needs. But do it in some form. I suspect that by staying involved in the process you'll be happier with your recruiters' work and the end result.

Corey Bennett