A Digital Exercise

With the world at our fingertips—music and podcasts ready to flood our ears, streaming video and mobile games ready to flood our eyes, and productivity apps and tools that constantly keep us doing—it is harder than ever to find the time and attention for the things we should be doing.

Jon Acuff, Seth Godin, and others have written about the importance of quitting. Today, Godin offers his readers a foothold in getting over this wall. He doesn't give us the answers; rather, he prompts us to ask better questions.

Is it meeting your needs…

Or merely creating new wants?

Is it honoring your time or squandering your time?

Is it connecting you from those you care about, or separating you?

Is it exposing you or giving you a place to hide?

Is it important, or only urgent?

Is it right, or simply convenient?

Is it making things better, or merely more pressing?

Is it leveraging your work or wasting it?

What is it for?

Corey Bennett