Pay-Per-View Immorality

By most accounts, Floyd Mayweather is a horrible person. You can read about his history of evidence, particularly against women, here. He's also offered to pay Suge Knight's bail if he wins. Knight has pleaded not guilty to hit-and-run murder, which you can watch here.

But tonight he's going to make a healthy nine-figure sum–$5,000,000 per minute to be more accurate. That's the kind of spoils that comes from a $100 pay-per-view event pitting the undefeated welterweight against also-legendary boxer and Filipino Congressman Manny Pacquiao (who has a less-than-stellar political record when it comes to women's and LGBT issues).

After the NFL's domestic violence problems came to a head this season, after Tiger Woods' moral turpitude came to light and cost him hundreds of millions of dollars, after baseball and cycling have dealt with steroids and doping scandals galore, how is it that Americans are so eager to make Floyd Mayweather $180,000,000 richer (and Pacquiao $130-ish) tonight?

I can't reconcile the conflict, but I suspect that it lies somewhere in a corner of our moral psyche in which our collective craving of spectacle and entertainment yields to almost anything. As a sports lover, I can understand loving a sport or team through scandal, but where is the line. What else could Floyd Mayweather do that would make most people say no? How far is too far when it comes to enriching depraved individuals? We should have this discussion.

Corey Bennett