#IdeaMonth Days 26-30: Travel-Related Light-Bulbs

After a few days of quasi-unplugging in Cabo, I'm finishing off #IdeaMonth with an assortment of ideas related to travel.

Ideas for Flying

The inside of a commercial airplane is about as captive as an audience gets. You can't leave. You can only get out of your seat for a limited amount of time and, during that time, your options to move pretty much run along a straight line down the aisle to the restroom. Gone are the days where passenger marketing was mostly restricted to Sky Mall and an in-flight magazine. Now, there are promotional videos and ads, as well as an expanded selection of in-flight food, drink, and entertainment options.  After returning from a trip to Cabo, I couldn't help but think we're missing an opportunity to incentivize behavior, both before, during, and after a trip.

For instance, airlines should offer free fruits and veggies. Do I need to tell you why? They should also offer free or discounted healthy drink options. 

But what about behavior off the plane? How about developing partnerships with local charities and service organizations and discounting airfare, waiving baggage fees, and providing in-flight freebies for passengers who spend, say, two or more hours volunteering during their trip?

We know that digital devices aren't good for our brains. So why not offer a free drink/snack for passengers who correctly complete an educational crossword puzzle or current events quiz (thus, keeping them off the screen/device for 30+ minutes)? 

Ideas for Accommodations

Guests who consent to having to TV/Internet access in their room receive a discount.

Provide opportunities for guests to learn about and make local food. It's educational and stimulating for guests, and encourages the hotel to prioritize its dining programs instead of resorting to buffets, fried and processed foods, and other shortcuts.

Clearly instruct guests on food and water issues. Must I only consume bottled water and avoid ice and all fruits and veggies that have been washed? 

Ideas for Activities

Free language and cultural classes. Knowing the basics of any foreign language can make an otherwise nerve-racking experience tolerable, even pleasant. In Cabo, the hotel offered free hour-long Spanish classes every other day. Facilitating communication and understanding is never a bad thing. More of this, please.

Free social media classes. Teach guests how to evangelize effectively. Sign them up. Improve their skills. And do it all when they're in your loving arms.

Corey Bennett