#IdeaMonth Day Seven: Flushing the Drought

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order imposing a mandatory 25% water-use reduction on Californians through a combination of measures. 

For individuals, curbing the frequency and duration of showers and otherwise altering daily habits to conserve water seems like a drop in the bucket (pun intended).

I live in an old building and work in one that LEED-certified buildings laugh at. Every day I see an opportunity lost—one that could save considerable water with no changing of my behavior.

Toilets. They account for roughly one-third of indoor water use. Why not require property owners to install high-efficiency toilets (HET) within 30-60 days? There's already a rebate system in many cities and it's not a major renovation. Plus, more efficient use of water will reduce water bills. 

Unless we're excited by the prospect of recycling and (gulp!) consuming toilet water, this seems like a no-brainer.