#IdeaMonth Day Four: Get Out of the City

I recently watched the first season of Mad Men again. Aside from Peggy Olson's sudden, unsubtle fat-suit, it's a remarkable piece of work. The characters, the writing...my goodness, the writing. Episodes are riddled with lines that are as revealing about the character as they are profound on a grander scale. Take this one, for example. 

Those people in Manhattan? They are better than us. Because they want things they haven’t seen.
— Peggy Olson

One could even rephrase that without losing the meaning. "They aren't better than us. They just want things they haven't seen." It's a sentiment that resonated in the early 1960s and still does today. It's a generalization, for sure, but it represents a real disconnect between urban and non-urban life.

I saw that disconnect in person last weekend when I spent a few days in southern Illinois. Open space, trucks and SUVs, farms, shuttered buildings. It was about as different from San Francisco as it gets. But there's value in staying connected, even if we never plan to live in such a place.

And so, since this is #IdeaMonth, I want to encourage our increasingly younger, urban American population to get out of the city–not just to Napa or Sonoma, but to middle America. Take a road trip and eat at a place that you didn't Yelp or see on Eater first. Talk to the people. 

Corey Bennett