#IdeaMonth Day Three: CYOA TV

#IdeaMonth started with live sports, moved on to social media, and now swerves toward visual (i.e. TV) programming.

Choose Your Own Adventure. You remember the books. Well, if you grew up in the 1980s or early 90s, you probably do. CYOAs featured a content universe (i.e. a book) and several possible roads through it, depending on the reader's choices.

It's one thing to imagine a world of someone else's creation and be told stories about it; it's another to have the power of choice and to ponder and experience alternate story-lines.

Can I remember a particularly memorable CYOA? No. Not one. But the concept stuck with me. Now, I want to see it used in a different, visual medium. 

Hinge TV

Imagine a series where every fifth episode is a "hinge episode." For example, Vince Gilligan writes five episodes and then the audience has a choice. Maybe it's a choices between genres or directors: choose the David Chase Five or the J.J. Abrams Five, or select law procedural or dramedy. Maybe it's a specific choice: the protagonist shoots the guy or lets him go. 

Then, five more episodes and every five episodes features a fork. And again. And again. Until the story ends, until Netflix decides it's no longer viable, or until there are so many sub-forks that it monopolizes talent and production pools. 

Take Run Lola Run, add steroids, stir generously and chase with whatever George R.R. Martin is having! We could binge hinge TV!

And the beauty of it is one can go back and see what would have happened—exploring the entire content universe from various angles. Could we handle this madness?