#IdeaMonth Day 24: Create Something Every Day

Except for one forgetful day, I've written every day for over three months. Once in a while, it's something longer and thoughtful; most days it's short and sweet. The point is to write something, not to create a masterpiece.

But sometimes it's good to push myself to be creative—that is, to do something artistic. I used to write and play a lot of music, but that's less common these days. I also used to write fiction, prose, and poetry a bit, but those forms, too, met a similar fate.

Developing or changing a habit isn't easy. Getting stuck in one, however, is. That's today's idea: spice up the routine. I'll even practice what I preach with a haiku.

Yes, TGIF.

But is it Saturday yet?

Cabo awaits us.

Corey Bennett