#IdeaMonth Day 21: Wes Anderson Television

I love Wes Anderson. He's a rare creator of worlds—not in the George R.R. Martin or J. R. R. Tolkien mold. Rather, his worlds look more like our own, except that they're accentuated with absurdities, caricatures, and distinct cinematography. In this sense, Anderson's worlds are very much fantasy.

We've seen fantasy succeed on the big screen with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, and more recently on television with Game of Thrones. Anderson could surely continue to dazzle his fans with movies, but I wonder if he's up for a bigger challenge.

I want Wes Anderson to write and direct television. It could be on HBO, Showtime, or Netflix. It could be one season or five. I'd just love to see what he'd do with several hours instead of just two. His tribe of cast favorites would surely sign up and, indeed, his approach to casting big names in limited roles would be feasible and not require a huge multi-year commitment from the likes of Fiennes, Norton, Murray, Brody, et al.

Anderson builds chapters into his films already and it quite adept at creating suspense—even more reason to take a stab at television.

Make it happen, Wes.