#IdeaMonth Day 16: Go Native, Not Insider, ESPN

I'm over ESPN's "Insider" paywall. It keeps a host of content—the extent or value of which is unclear. ESPN boasts several hundred thousand subscribers (some have access by way of being ESPN The Magazine subscribers), in addition to its unrivaled mass of website traffic.

So, why not just pony up the $8 per month ($40/year)? It's not worth it. So, why take down the paywall? Because ESPN could make some or all of its Insider content sponsored content. Such content (aka native or branded content) may actually be a better option for publishers and advertisers, alike, as the recent shift to native suggests.

I'm not saying ESPN should suddenly make the content free because I don't want to pay. I'm saying it should because it might make more money in the end by allowing more eyeballs to see the content and by more effectively targeting its audience using native advertising and consumer data.