#IdeaMonth Day 15: Send the IRS A Thank You Letter

You might have heard: it's Tax Day! But it's not the only day we hear about taxes. It's become quite fashionable to demonize the IRS. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, the Tea Party, and many others even want to abolish it. They want us to forget the fact that the IRS didn't make tax laws, that every dollar spent on the IRS yields six dollars in revenue, and that the IRS receives a steady stream of hate-mail, some of which contain mysterious substances.

Tax reform is a complicated issue. There are many ideas out there. But today, on this perennially dreaded day, my idea is to simply write a thank you letter to the IRS. I don't imagine its employees experience much gratitude for their efforts. And gratitude always trumps anger. It'll be good for all of us.

Corey Bennett