#IdeaMonth Day 13: The Binge Compromise

It's a particularly bingeable time of year. Game of Thrones and Mad Men are back, as are Veep and Silicon Valley. A third season of House of Cards dropped in February and Orange Is The New Black isn't far off. And these are just the headliners.

What's the best way to watch television—all at once or little by little? Currently, there is no in between. Either Netflix or Amazon drops a season all at once, or HBO or another network releases a series an episode a week.

I love to binge good shows. It allows for continuity of story-lines and, well, if something is really good, then I want more than 40-60 minutes of it at a time.

I also love room for discussion and anticipation—the seven-day wait in between weekly installments, the reviews, the previews, the dissection. What would Game of Thrones' Red Wedding have been like if we had been able to plow through the next episode before all that Stark blood could dry? Would we have had YouTube reels of people freaking out during the Red Wedding? Would it have been as memorable?

I think there's a compromise to be had—one to satisfy the binger and the savorer in us. 

Drop four episodes a month for three months, or three a month for four months, or whatever combination makes sense. It would let shows breathe and be digested, but deliver a bigger impact. Chapters within seasons. New strategic pauses. The binge compromise.