#IdeaMonth Day 10: On-Demand Social TV

I want to watch TV.

But I can't right now.

I want to experience TV with others.

But I don't want just any second-screen experience.

When an event isn’t “live” — that is, when it’s not a live broadcast or sporting event, when it has commercials, or runs at different times because of time zones — it’s more difficult to watch and experience TV with others.

Instead of watching The Bachelor with everyone at the same time, some of us watch it at 9pm on the East Coast (8pm Central), and later at 9pm on the West Coast. It’s just not reasonable to ask my East Coast friends to wait until midnight.

What if Twitter had its own time zone(s)? What if I could plug my Comcast or DirecTV subscription into the platform (or plug TV and social into some platform), set a broadcast time based on when I can and want to watch, and have an on-demand social TV experience?

One screen. When I want. No fragmentation from time zones, commercials, or pauses for snack or bathroom breaks. 

Advertisers could reach the audience with reliability, consistency, and specificity via the in-stream, non-interruptive social stream.

Networks could micro-target broadcasting times, expanding audiences and enhancing engagement.

Win. Win. Win.