The Last Daylight

Who is my audience? Who will buy my product? Who will hire me? What do they like? Where do they go? How can I possibly connect with them? There are so many things to experience, so many distractions, and so much noise.

Last night, my mom, wife, and I parked along the roadside and watched the sunset to the sound of crashing waves. And we weren't alone. Hundreds of people within view chose to do the same. Why? There weren't any emails or flyers announcing this event. There weren't any free drinks or snacks to entice us to come. There weren't any special guests of honor or tangible incentives for attendance.

I think we all came because we knew there would be something remarkable–the colors and shadows, the cool, salty breeze, the powerful sound of an ocean meeting land. It's a few minutes virtually guaranteed not to disappoint. It's an escape from the noise, but in the presence of each other.

Our audience, customers, clients, employers, and collaborators are all around us. When we feel disconnected or when we can't find the perfect pitch, just remember that we all love sunsets. 

Corey Bennett