The Routine of Seeking Validation

What makes you feel validated? A verbal affirmation? A retweet? A profile view? A like? A high-five? A handshake? A smile? A bonus? 

What are your favorite sources of validation? Your boss or coworkers? Your spouse or friends? Strangers? The Internet?

How often do you need to feel validated? Multiple times daily? Daily? Rarely?

What happens when you get no validation? Do you get frustrated, discourage, apathetic, distracted, or motivated?

Positive feedback feels so good that we build it into our lives, consciously and unconsciously. But the pursuit of validation can become routine, even obsessive, leading us to ride a roller coaster that we need not be on.

Why? Because we can validate ourselves—not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that affirms the work we've done in the event that no one else does. Plus, a little self-praise has the great benefit of reminding us to praise others.

Corey Bennett