Preach What You Practice

In a world where time is precious, attention is scarce, and competitive forces conspire to distract many people to the point of non-responsiveness, we can't forget to preach what we practice. That might be the only way that someone who needs to hear what we know can actually hear it. 

Karen Wickre of Twitter wrote such a piece a few days ago on Medium, entitled, "How to 'Get into Tech' If You're Not an Obvious Fit?" She begins by noting she's had more than 50 coffee dates in the past year alone to discuss this very question. That level of generosity is rare, which makes it all the more impressive that she took the time to preach what she practices so that those who didn't ask for or get a coffee date could benefit from her insight.

I will always take time to talk on the phone, meet with, and email people who ask for my help. But I will also remember to share what I learn in ways that reach beyond my immediate and secondary contacts.

Corey BennettTwitter