The Unbearable Freshness of Listening

I don't watch as much news as I used to, but Shane Smith's interview with President Obama for Vice News impressed me and not because of the spectacle or a few favorite sound-bytes. Rather, I couldn't remember the last time an interviewer asked good questions and genuinely, actively listened to the answers.

Televised interviews with politicians have gravitated toward (1) gotcha question, (2) begin response, (3) interject with follow-up, (4) response turns defensive, and sometimes (5) argument ensues. Sure, it might make for "great television," but it's not respective of the elected official or the audience.

Sure, perhaps Vice News (and Shane Smith) lean toward a world-view that's closer to President Obama's than, say, Speaker John Boehner. But I'd be just as impressed by a quality interview with Boehner than Obama. 

Listening. *breathes deeply, exhales* It's kind of refreshing.