Why We Say It Out Loud

One of the reasons I started writing a daily blog was for personal accountability. I have a lot of random thoughts–some serious, some ridiculous–but I've never been in the habit of broadcasting them. I never felt the need to prove to the world that I had the thoughts. Eventually, I realized that was a terrific way of limiting myself. If I didn't have to ship something, then it didn't matter if I shipped nothing. Thus, I never forced myself to put raw, uncooked ideas and thoughts out in the world.

But, if we think something and never put it out in the world, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our peers. It's enough to write it down and have the thought exist there forever with no one but me knowing it exists. Occasionally, however, a few others might take notice. And every once in a while, that thought might matter in some way–small or big. It was nice to have one of those moments this weekend.

Corey Bennett