Give Yourself A Second Chance

There are many valuable insights in "How I Got 6.2 Million Pageviews and 144,920 Followers"–one of the most popular articles on Medium this week–but none more important than the "second chance."

By setting the right engines in place, you get the “second chance” — the “second touch” point through which you can reconnect with those visitors and remind them it was you who wrote that article.
— Ali Mese

The second chance recognizes the scarcity of time and attention and responds with strategic persistence. It's critical for someone looking to grow their blog's readership, to reach key influencers, and even for developing relationships.

It's 2015. There are countless forums, platforms, watering holes, conference rooms, publications, nooks, crannies, tables, and venues at which we connect with others, digitally, audibly, or in person. Giving ourselves only one chance–even in a well-trafficked place like Medium, Twitter, or Facebook–isn't enough if our goal is to make connections beyond our inner circle.

Corey BennettMedium, Twitter