Making Mountains Out Of Molehills, The Good Kind

When I met my wife seven years ago I didn't care much when it came to birthdays. I never needed a party, gifts, or other hulabaloo. I'd be fine with dinner and, if absolutely necessary, sticking a candle in a piece of cheesecake. 

This attitude doesn't fly with her or her family. They believe in taking every opportunity to celebrate and stretching out celebrations over a lengthy period of time.  So birthdays are birthday weeks. This is mine and I've already been celebrating because, hey, I believe in this stuff now, too.

With all the despair in the world, with as much as we work and stress, we should take every opportunity to make a seemingly small celebration into a bigger one–drag it out, extend the fun, savor the release, bring in more people. Special occasions aren't about one person; even birthdays aren't.  We should recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the fact that we need people around us for love, support, ideas, and inspiration, even if it's under the auspices of a birthday, anniversary, or house-warming party. 

Corey Bennett