Off-The-Ball Movement

FC Barcelona, one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world, is known for its unparalleled possession game. It's born out of two things: short, quick passes and, most importantly, off-the-ball movement. Lionel Messi can do amazing things by himself, but it's the movement of his teammates that create space and angles for the real magic.  

What's my game? What's my goal? Am I too focused on the ball? Should I be moving the pieces away from the ball to get closer to the goal?

Sports metaphors are a dime a dozen, but I thought of this one last night while reading Jon Steel's Truth, Lies & Advertising. By re-orienting my focus on parts around "the ball," it helped me see the forest through the trees; it prepared me to better understand and explain a key concept. "Space. Space. Space." is the mantra of Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona's aging midfield general. It might be mine this week, too.