We Can't Be Ready for Primetime Without Prime Time

To be our best we have to prime ourselves. Fail to implement healthy habits or refuse to break patterns and we not only lose sharpness, but the ability to be sharp on command. There are extreme examples, like Tony Robbins submerging himself into four baths of varying temperatures to disrupt his biorhythms. There are unusual, but not extreme, methods, like transcendental meditation. And there are others that most people would be less likely to scoff at–something like walking or writing morning pages. The thing is they don't find us, we find them. We have to try them out and see what's right for us. 

I just tried a simplified morning pages exercise–writing stream of consciousness without my usual regard for spelling or punctuation for five minutes. It's amazing what's darting around our minds in and out of consciousness just below the surface, but which also vanishes when we take the lid off, if only for a moment. 

I think next time I'll go for ten and maybe after a short walk.