An American Thing

"That's an American thing." she said. My question was something like, "When people taste wine in Bordeaux do they ask about the varietal blend, how it is made, or is that an American thing?" "But," she continued. "It's a good way of starting conversation."

The annual UGC Bordeaux tasting is one of my favorite events. More than 80 chateaux send representatives to pour for the industry and then the public. For a curious person who loves wine, it's a delightful event. Some folks are nimble English speakers, while others know almost none. My French is limited. I know enough to be polite, but can't carry a conversation. In my travels, however, I've found that curiosity and a smile goes a long way to overcoming language barriers. Last night was a reminder of that. Attitude matters.  

Corey BennettWine, Bordeaux