Showing My Best Qualities

Last night, I spent a few hours filling out the bio section and starting a portfolio here on my new website. It's been both liberating and nerve-racking. On the one hand, I can say, "Hey, world! This is much more who I am than my LinkedIn profile suggests." On the other, I've had to ponder what is safe and prudent to reveal. 

The legal profession is particularly guarded when it comes to digital and social content. There are many good reasons, including myriad legal and ethical concerns, not to mention reputation management. When I began law school I had to submit a resume to the office of career planning for review. They suggested eliminating a block about my graduate school–namely, that I attended, that I was a Dean's Merit Scholar, and my GPA. In the intervening years, I observed a rigidity in thought and presentation within the law that didn't sit well with a well-rounded, creative person like me. 

But I'm also not one to thumb my nose at the world at all costs. Yes, I want to be myself, but I also want to be employable. After tinkering with side projects, tweaking my LinkedIn profile ad nauseam, talking to people, and reading about these issues, it's come down to this for me: I'm going to show my best qualities, be authentic and generous, and trust that the world will respond. If I am suppressing key parts of who I am and what I can offer, then I'm probably getting the wrong responses; I'm probably seeking the wrong things.

Corey Bennett