And On The 8th Day?

I don't think I wrote anything particularly remarkable this week. But I'm a week closer to doing it. Being generous, and from time to time remarkable, isn't a finite game anyway; it requires authenticity and consistency. What does it matter if something inauthentic went viral on Day 3? What if I wrote something remarkable on Day 1 and then wrote nothing? We all have our highs and lows–moments of real, seemingly effortless insight and long, arduous spells of mediocrity. 

The #YourTurnChallenge has helped me get unstuck. But getting unstuck refers to the past. What value is there in writing for seven consecutive days if I simply quit on the eighth? Every day I must renew my commitment to being unstuck. And the best way to do that is to keep moving–keep shipping! That is what I'm taking with me.