Corey Bennett

Employee & consumer attorney


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my mission

fighting for fairness in the workplace and marketplace

We spend much of our time working for someone else and then use our earnings to pay for products and services provided by other people. If our employer short-changes or mistreats us, it affects our livelihood and general well-being. If a manufacturer or producer cuts corners, makes mistakes, or deceives us, not only do our hard-earned dollars go to waste, we can be harmed in the process. My work representing consumers, employees, and small businesses recognizes the potential for great harm in small acts, huge profits from little tricks, and injustice from unchecked power. Massive corporations can afford armies of lawyers, accountants, consultants, fixers, and lobbyists to enable, empower, and insulate them. Ordinary people cannot. That is why I fight to level the playing field for individual employees, consumers, and law-abiding businesses.


my Experience


Since 2009, consumer and employment class actions have been my focus. I am currently an associate at Matern Law Group in San Francisco, California, where we do impactful work on behalf of victims of harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage-and-hour violations. I pride myself on communicating with my clients, listening to and helping my colleagues, and finding creative solutions to complex legal challenges. 



I represent Elliott Turner, author of The Night of the Virgin (Round Ball Media, 2017), a piercing confessional about the immigrant experience in the U.S. in which the undocumented protagonist pursues his dream of playing professional soccer. USA Today has called it “Scintillating…sends the reader through a whirlwind of emotions. Turner twists the plot and stories marvelously.”


I have a breadth of experience in soccer media, founding a social and digital brand in 2010, working for a major media company during the 2014 World Cup, and consulting for an international sports apparel company in 2016. I have written, directed, and appeared in a variety of social, web, and television content.



University of san francisco school of law

Juris doctor, 2009

university of southern california

master's of public administration, 2006

northern arizona university

B.A. international affairs, 2003


fav tv show: the wire

fav movie: amelie

studied abroad in germany

Fav Book: (tie) Alexander hamilton, monster of florence




work email:

twitter: @coreybbennett